When I started thinking about creating a blog, I quickly got several ideas for posts.  Unfortunately, none of them was an idea for a first post.

But I still need one, don’t I?

I’ve been painting on and off since my early teens, but it’s only been in the last year or so that I started to get serious about it.  This blog is a first step in building an online presence, preparatory to selling my art.  It’s a way of testing the waters, interacting with other artists and art lovers, and seeing what they’re interested in.

I also hope that writing about the creative process and making it public will keep me accountable and motivated.  Even when I’m not inspired (but that’s for another post).

When I get the chance, I also enjoy hiking.  I live pretty close to Banff, Canmore, and Kananaskis Country.  Last winter I tried ice climbing, and really enjoyed it.  The mountains aren’t just a source of inspiration; they’re the subjects of many of my paintings.  So, it makes sense to post about my outdoor adventures too.

I’m planning on updating this blog at least twice a week, with extra posts if I finish more paintings.  This should be manageable even if my summer turns out to be an especially busy one.

Thanks for reading!  Glad to have you with me.


This novice artist welcomes comments and conversation, but please keep it polite. Inappropriate or offensive comments may be edited or deleted.

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