Summit Views and a New Easel

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of scrambling Lipalian Mountain, in Banff National Park, near Lake Louise.  It was an eight-hour round trip, still with plenty of snow on the ground, which made it easier going on the upper scree slopes.  It also made the descent a lot of fun.  The Larch Chair at the Lake Louise ski area runs a bit more than halfway up this mountain, although the summit is well outside the boundary, and the scrambling route takes you up a blue run, which makes for a long slog but a delightful glissade on the return trip.  Not only is that particular run one of my favorites to ski down when the resort is open, I can now say I’ve slid down it on my backside.  On purpose!

It was a beautiful day, mostly overcast until later in the afternoon.  It was really interesting to see how even the relatively close mountains were affected by atmospheric perspective:


Looking across the Bow Valley, there were amazing views of Lake Louise itself, Mount Temple, Mount Fairview, and the Victoria Glacier.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but I’ve finally completed a painting of one of these views.  Here’s the photo I started with:


And here’s the finished painting:

Mount Fairview and the Victoria Glacier

Also, yesterday I finally bought a field easel and a tackle box for carrying my paints.  The plein-air season here is relatively short, but the sun is shining today and later I might head over to the park for a little experimenting.  I’ve already experienced some of the difficulties of working with acrylics outdoors, last summer when I took my studio easel out to my yard to get a little sun while working on something I started and finished in the studio.


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