A Busy Week

Please excuse the length of time between posts.  I did get out painting en plein air twice, but I spent quite a bit of my computer time working some bugs out of the way images display on this site, instead of writing.  Some of the photos needed a bit of extra editing, and changing most of them to PNGs seems to have worked wonders, although it made the file sizes a little bit bigger.

If things still look weird to you, please use the contact form to let me know.  I do already know, however, that there is still an issue with scrolling through the images in the gallery in slideshow mode on some smartphones, mine included.

On Tuesday I went down to Edworthy Park and painted this at the beginning of the Douglas Fir Trail:

Beginning of the Trail

And on Wednesday I spent almost two hours by a small waterfall in Big Hill Springs Provincial Park, painting this:

Butterflies at Big Hill Springs

I’ll be adding the first to the gallery when I have a good batch of plein-air paintings to post, but not the second.  I’m still trying to work out how to deal with color distortions, and choice of subjects.  I was so preoccupied with trying to create the perfect green (which I then buried under that layer of phthalo), and thinking ahead about the brushwork in the waterfall, I didn’t give much thought to the composition.  Besides, this little guy kept landing on my canvas!  There wouldn’t have been butterflies in the painting if it hadn’t been for him:


For the greens in the first painting, I relied heavily on chrome oxide green, which is a very opaque color.  I like using it, and I’m pleased with how it turned out, but I think something more transparent might be better suited to capturing the effects of sunlight filtering through leaves.  To that end, I picked up a tube of the yellow shade of phthalo green from the art supply store.

I think I see another color-themed post in the near future.  The coming week looks like the weather might be iffy, so I’ll also be doing some more work in the studio.


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