Places to Revisit

All did not go well on Tuesday.  I set out planning to climb Prairie Mountain and paint a view or two from the summit, but I ended up on the other side of the highway at the Elbow Falls day-use area, speed-painting a view of the river from a dry spot under a tree.  Then the wind changed, and I didn’t have a dry spot under a tree anymore.  Things did dry out later, and I attempted another small painting at Allen Bill Pond just outside Bragg Creek.  That’s where I took the easel shot that’s the Featured Image for this post. 

Allen Bill easel

I didn’t take an easel shot for the other location because of the rain, but between the speed-painting and the difficulties with green that you can see in the easel shot, I am not inclined to post the finished products here.  I’m not even planning to go back and fix them.

The best things that came out of this day were:

  1. The fact that I have several places mentally bookmarked for a return trip when the rain lets up;
  2. This photo of the northern end of Forget-Me-Not Ridge.


I drove out past Elbow Falls after painting there, and during a break in the rain I parked at a roadside pullout to eat my lunch and admire this view.  Then I got my portable easel out of the car and started carrying it up the hill.  But then I realized, I’m gonna need a bigger canvas.  (The plastic box I carry my canvases in for plein-air painting can accommodate canvases up to 9″ x 12.”)

I have the biggest blank canvas in my possession on the easel now, and I’m planning on working this up with painting knives, which is something I really enjoy but haven’t done in a while.


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