Deer Ridge, and New Paintings!

There’s something special about visiting an area that can only be accessed by gravel road.  Almost any vehicle can handle it, but it isn’t convenient.  Dust blows in the windows and you roll them up and switch to air conditioning.  At least no one tailgates when you’re kicking up a cloud of lingering dust behind you.

When places are located along gravel roads, people don’t just run across them serendipitously, or stop on a whim on the way to somewhere else.  Everyone you meet there wants to be there.  With the sun beating down, releasing the smell of the pines and glinting off the water, who wouldn’t?

Across Sibbald Meadows

Of course, none of this necessarily means the trails are difficult.  I painted the above view over Sibbald Meadows Pond from a lookout along the Deer Ridge trail, not much past where it branches off from the Sibbald Flat Interpretive Trail, which in turn starts from the parking lot at Sibbald Lake.  This wouldn’t have been a very long hike, even encumbered by my painting gear, except that I started from Sibbald Viewpoint and wended my way around the back of the campground, past the beginning of the Ole Buck Loop, which probably meant about a four-kilometre trip, all told, with very little elevation gain.

That’s fine with me, when I’m hiking alone and carrying painting equipment.

I’ve also retouched my paintings from Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.

Evening Pond 2

Trees in the Field

Old General Store 2

I must say, I think I fixed the old general store to death, and it’s not going to be added to the gallery.  But with the others, and the one from Sibbald, that’s enough to create a separate Plein Air Page!


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