A Work in Progress

The central library downtown is still closed and will be for some time, so I haven’t been tracking down material for any more art history posts yet.  This is what’s been keeping me busy.

rae view

This is the painting:

work in progress

The foreground is still in the underpainting stages.  I’m not quite happy with the sky, but I’m leaving any changes until after I’m finished everything else.  Once that red underpainting in the middle ground is covered up, other things might look different, after all.  Red being the complement of green, I’m hoping that when I cover that slope with trees, they’ll be a more natural shade than some of mine still tend to be, after all my experimentation, and all I wrote about green paint!

The view is from part of the way up the valley leading to the Rae Glacier.  I took the photo last summer–this area is still inaccessible due to the floods.


2 thoughts on “A Work in Progress

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