I Reappear

Yesterday was the first time I’d painted in over a week, for various reasons.  It feels great to be starting a new project!  I’m also incredibly relieved to announce

that I’ve finally added the finished painting of Mount Cascade to the Studio page, along with improved photos of some of the others.

I’m headed to Cascade tomorrow morning to climb the ice in Rogan’s Gully.  It’s been so warm in Calgary it’s a hard thing to imagine doing, but I’m excited to get out there for what will be only the second time this season—and the longest ice climb I’ve ever attempted, although at a WI2-3, it shouldn’t be any harder than what I’m used to.  I have Kendal Mint Cake.  I have a Lindt Creation Crème Brûlée bar.  I have…been counting calories for the last week, but on climbing days, all bets are off!  And hopefully I’ll blog about it later in the week and get back on track.

Last weekend was a big one for puttering around the studio, although I didn’t get to paint much.  I varnished five paintings after fixing minor mistakes in three of them, finished the edges on two and framed two others, in preparation for hanging them around the house, which is a better storage solution than anything I can really do in the studio.

(That wasn’t how I’d been storing them, just how things looked last Sunday, during the puttering.)

Also since I last posted, I’ve started a master copy. I’ve only done this once before: last spring I attempted Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring.” In my version, she looks like she’s rather terrified, and covered in calamine lotion. I store completed paintings in a lot of places, but that’s the only one in the closet. Even last summer’s tree monster lives with the other paintings, but not this one!

Part of the problem was that I don’t paint people, in general. So I should have much more success with this rendition of “In the Sierras” by Albert Bierstadt.

I’ve worked on it a bit since then and it’s currently in an “ugly stage,” with a lot of strange purples and yellows as I try to get a handle on the soft yet dramatic lighting of the original. But maybe it’ll be ready for another easel shot when I return with a trip report from Rogan’s Gully.


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