Summer Memories: Bourgeau Lake…Almost

Thinking about this adventure from the middle of June, it’s hard to decide whether it was an awesome day in spite of the rain, or because of it.  I do like walking in the rain, but it does sometimes lead to a change in plans, and sometimes that turns out to be a wonderful thing. Continue reading


Summer Memories: July and August Plein Air

I was in denial for a while, but the September snowstorms put an end to that.  Summer was over a while ago, and with it the life of one ornamental crabapple tree and one lombardy poplar in my yard and countless other trees around Calgary.

So what did I do this summer?

Before I answer that question, I have an announcement to make.

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May Plein Air

In May, spring finally started to reach up to higher elevations, bringing with it changeable weather and rumors of bears.  It’s an exciting time to be in the mountains—everywhere you look there are sharp contrasts and things you’ve never noticed before. Continue reading

April Plein Air

April wasn’t all work, work, work.  And although it felt like it a few times, it wasn’t all snow, snow, snow.  Not quite….

There were a couple of days that were warm enough to switch back to acrylics for plein-air painting close to home.  I started off by revisiting one of the first places I ever took my portable easel: Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, and some intriguing bluffs.

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Everything That Could Go Wrong

April was an interesting month.  I started it off by starting a new job, without quitting my old one.  New Job is a much longer drive away than Old Job, so I’ve been listening to some great books on CD, and I’ve also been thinking.  Blogging in my head, as it were.  Unfortunately, I also tend to be tired when I get home, and open Firefox or the WordPress app, and continue to blog in my head, without writing a word. Continue reading